“The word meek is often considered as weak, timid or submissive. But a meek person is actually humble, modest, confident and never stops learning.” In today’s world the word “confidence” has been misunderstood or accepted by people as showy, flamboyancy, ostentatiousness or in simple terms has taken over by egoist, […]

Strong women is often misinterpreted with words such as overbearing, bossy, virago, termagant. But the truth is a strong woman is one who never allow herself to be belittle or disparaged by anyone. She has a clear picture what she wants in life and how to handle any circumstances that […]

Chena which means Cheese and Poda(Oriya language) means Roasted. This a smoked dessert from Nayagarh District of Orissa one of the Eastern states in India. Interestingly this dessert was invented accidentally when a sweet shop keeper named Sudarshan Sahoo left the cheese mixed with sugar inside a wood fire oven […]

Heraclitus a Greek philosopher quoted ” change is only constant in life” Change is not permanent but it’s constant. We take birth and life journey begets and ends with our death. We transverse through various stages with some kind of change interwoven in life. We see people change physically, emotionally […]

There is proverb that God can’t be everywhere therefore he created mother. They are ordained as guardians of those small angels created by God. A mother is your first friend, your best friend and friends for ever. She is assiduous for her child the moment she carries in her womb.  […]