Change is inevitable and constant

Heraclitus a Greek philosopher quoted ” change is only constant in life” Change is not permanent but it’s constant.

We take birth and life journey begets and ends with our death. We transverse through various stages with some kind of change interwoven in life. We see people change physically, emotionally and mentally with each stage of life. Our ambience change. Even sometimes our credence which we hold bastion also changes. Like a person who is vehement at some point he might try to become placable. One who is articulate might become inarticulate. One who is vociferous might become tacit. One who is humble might become overbearing.

The change is ceaseless but what it depends on one thing that is circumstances. Seamlessly circumstances change individual whether good or bad.

If we think of positive aspects of change.

Change gives you an opportunity to explore your ability and capabilities.

Change enables you to become the person you want to be. Practising and enacting change yourself is one of the most rewarding processes you will ever experience. It also displays a very valuable life skill. It entitles you towards progress.

Change devoids you from stagnation.

Change leaves a bigger message that situation whether good or bad ends within the time which is framed by destiny.

Above all changes gets you move on, documents your life journeys.


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