Corona Virus Annihilation of Mankind

COVID 19 engendered by China seems to be a conspiracy towards annihilation of entire human race. It has entrench the world with both moral and economical loss in all sectors including huge amount of job loss.
While China is lying within its teeth to put this blame over US Army to serve as a vector for this virus. But the fact is China government camouflage the contagiousness of the virus on the first place, it was utter negligence and unhygienic conditions that beget this virus to a pandemic level.
But on a positive note it is we who can stop the spread by following basic hygiene and social distancing. Truth is any virus spread is ephemeral it will eventually fade away with time.
But this pandemic leaves us with a bigger message that much stronger strains of virus and bacteria will continue to evolve in any part of the world if we don’t control our air, water and land pollution; Keep sewage and industrial waste untreated and finally release it to rivers or dump in land; destroy ecosystem and living habitat of livestock. We need to take a stand to stop destroying our environment.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.

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