There is proverb that God can’t be everywhere therefore he created mother. They are ordained as guardians of those small angels created by God. A mother is your first friend, your best friend and friends for ever. She is assiduous for her child the moment she carries in her womb. 
Look at the Gods inexplicable creation mother’s womb it is the not only snug but it’s the most safe place for the child begetter but after birth the same snug is felt in mother’s lap and arms. A child has no senses or perception of the world but still can recognise its mother via its olfactory sense. May be because child has discerned every  breath and every pinch of blood of mother while it’s growth. 
There is nothing as powerful as mother’s love and nothing as healing as a child’s soul such is the bond between them. 
A woman can be selfish and self centred but a mother can’t; she is never alone in her thoughts she has to think twice for herself and her child. 
People might judge her but the child has a bastion of faith on its mother. 
She can take any affliction and torment for her child without even complaining. But just one simple one hug from her child dwindle all the pain. That’s the strength God have given only to women after becoming mother.
Truest words comply to motherhood that” motherhood is the toughest thing but the greatest thing”.

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