What Defines a Strong Woman

Strong women is often misinterpreted with words such as overbearing, bossy, virago, termagant. But the truth is a strong woman is one who never allow herself to be belittle or disparaged by anyone.
She has a clear picture what she wants in life and how to handle any circumstances that comes day in and day out in her life. She has the courage to say no to any malevolent practices at the same time she has courage to give her flesh and blood for benevolence deed or any responsibility which holds value for her or part of her responsibility.
It’s rightly said strong women aren’t simply born. They are forged through the challenges of life. With each challenge they grow mentally and emotionally. With each challenge they come up as warriors with lot of strength imbibed in her. Even failures don’t break her it gives her strength to find new opportunities and bounce back.

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