Positive Trends Trending During Pandemic Devastations

Corona Virus pandemic has bought entire world to halt. With economy going down and thriving on ventilators; millions getting unemployed, food shortage plugging in, small business and industry are experiencing heavy losses. Migrant worked are poverty stricken forcing them to lead their lives in destitution. Moreover people being locked down are on zenith of their anxiety level fearing of future.

Apart from all these negative impacts there are some touches of positivity in society.

People down the lane were moving towards online virtual world but lockdown taught value of family and gave them a chance to interact, eat and hold on together.

Millions of people are also seizing the opportunity to learn new things and tackle tasks they used to outsource. Online platforms such a You tube, Facebook, Instagram, etc have become life savers. People are seeking help for more practical task. Videos such as hair cut lessons and making cafe style coffee had a sharp spike of viewers.

Indian education system is transferred to online platform. In response, parents are looking to YouTube to help instruct and entertain their children. And often, they’re learning something new themselves.

Social networks are filled with food recipe videos including You tube where viewers for food channels have increased up to 40 %. People are devoting their time to cook new recipes; feed themselves and their families. This group engagement is surely to leave a positive mark on family bonding.

Finally, with daily commutes, social gatherings, and sporting events on hold, people are devoting their time at home to personal projects and skill development. For many, these pursuits are brand new. Like people are spending good amount of time watching videos to learn new languages, learning new business, learning music, upgrade their exciting communication skill,etc.

This Pandemic gave us time for self development and a phase of learning for everyone. There is saying that the darkest situation gives you the brightest opportunity to thrive inside. It gives you the greatest chance to recognise your most valuable potential.

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