Blood fall of Antartica

A place like Antarctica which is a desert made up of glaciers, ice shelves and icebergs. Antarctica is not defined as a country. It do not have government neither any indigenous population. Instead, the entire continent is set up as scientific research base.

Surrounded by glacial ice all extremely white; it looks like something out of a holly terror when horrid red water exudes of Antarctica’s Blood Falls.

The deep red falls were first discovered in Antarctica in 1911 where scientists noticed a river had stained the surrounding cliff of ice with a dark red color.

Hypersaline lakes rich in iron remains trapped under glacier for several years. When cracks are formed in the glacier this iron and saline rich water protruded outside from the glacier thus when iron comes in contact with atmosphere it’s oxides itself to produce the bright red colour. This is a similar phenomenon that occurs when iron is rusted when exposed to atmosphere.

What ever the scientific explanation be. It’s another nature’s panoramic beauty to be unveiled.

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