Does Zombie Exist_Scientific Evidence says yes it Does

Zombies do exist on scientific terms but not on technical terms.  
Explanation of scientific possibilities:  There are myriad possibilities for zombie-like things to exist.  Not all of them are traditional zombies.  
One such example is brain parasite, which currently doesn’t not manifested in humans.  It parasites on rats.  The nature of parasite is to reproduces  in cat’s stomach, so when it enters a rat,  the rat has an desire to  get eaten by a cat to that the parasite can reproduce. 
Quite oftentimes people think it is ludicrous the parasite could evolve to  humans, but it actually possible.  Humans research their medicine on rats, the evolution is entirely  possible.  Though we don’t know how it would effect a human,but a zombie-like creature would be possible. 
But science  found these infected individuals had much higher chances of just going insane and become violent.  
In 2010 a zombie dear disease came to play which possessed a threat to spread to humans.

There is a species of fungi called Ophiocordyceps infect carpenter Ants and turn them to zombie ants. The movement of the ants slow down along with its metabolism thus it cannot move cannot climb on trees thus eventually die due to lack of nutrients.

There is another group of parasites called Zatypota wasp which infects spiders from the Anelosimus eximius species . Anelosimus eximius spiders prefer to remain in groups, never straying too far from their colonies. But after getting infected exhibited strange behaviour, leaving their colony to weave tightly-spun, cocoon-like webs in remote locations. The zatypota wasp further lay egg in the abdomen of the spider. It starts feeding on spider hijacks it’s brain, modify it’s behaviour to leave its colony and spin a completely different cocoon. Thus turning it to be a zombie spider.

In Cambodia, a strain of Malaria out broke in a town. It killed all its victims and then made them behave insane for two hours, where they would then act very violent from severe chemical imbalances. The victim would then die again, this time forever; and the strain has been contained though.  

There are certain types of neurotoxins can also be the result of zombie-like creatures. The poisons slow the pulse and entire body metabolism to scarily slow rates, that even some un-suspecting doctors would pronounce the subject dead. Their memory power, logic and brain dead symptoms occur; with slowing down movements drastically. Their speech becomes impaired (they can however moan and make noises of sorts) and reduced senses of pain.  
In Haiti, there was another outbreak. One man was declared dead by doctors and then buried. Surprisingly he was found wandering the village eighteen years later. He had managed to claw his way out of the grave. The epidemic was caused because they did this to get people to work on some sugar plantations.  
There is also certain brain disorders and Mad Cow Disease. The diseases is characterised by stumbling, lack of coordination, significant aggression, and can hallucinate. They also experience dementia and seizures. Unfortunately there is also no wonderful cure for this disease. The victims experience les pain, but are subject to bodily harm. Can die from infection, contagious and can lead to Neurogenesis. This is a type of stem cell research which can re-grow very simplistic brains and the brains can revive subjects. However, they have no personality and no logic or any significant source of brainpower.  This is your traditional zombie subjected to bodily harm, but at much higher levels than most people, higher tendency to aggression. Thus they most likely will just wander around and keep falling all day . Their bodies will not decompose, like a mythical zombie would. Injuries would still heal, but due to weakness, malnutrition, it would heal considerably slower.  
A most outlandish research is on its verge of creating Nanobots; in which they are trying to create traditional zombies. After the body is dead they are trying to retrieve some part of the brain and bring it back to life.
Yet another scientific evidence of true life zombies is a disease called Sleeping Sickness which is ravaging many African countries. The victims become befuddled. Their speech becomes impaired. Their sleeping systems becomes inarticulate due to which they cannot sleep during night, but find it diffucult to stay awake during day. Eventually they die by falling into a coma. Mental tasks such as drawing a straight line even become unfeasible but they are not aggressive or violent. Sleeping Sickness is also even a very wide-spread disease, and like cancer, once in its latest stages it not curable. Estimates put 50-70 thousand people die from this peryear.  
Another one of the diseases that mimics zombies can be Rabies, but mostly under some circumstances. Additionally it causes a zombie apocalypse is, like in Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty, there would have to be Zombie dogs or such. Rabies can transfer from human to human only via organ transplants. Rabies commonly affects dogs and if the dog somehow bites human begets certain kind of necrosis in human enraging to partial brain damage and cell damage. Coordination gets inarticulate because of all the damaged and dead cells.  
Disease Leprosy allows decomposition, and victim basically look as if they need been dead for a few time. At side effects cause them to steer during a shuffle-like fashion however the aggression is missing, and although it’s contagious, there’s a cure. and therefore the cure is reasonable and readily available. And it had been found that 95% of individuals of people are resistant to it , naturally. 

There was a adage that USA army along with CIA once tried to create zombies but there is no supporting evidence to prove this theory.
Some scientists even concluded zombies suffered from a disorder referred to as Consciousness Deficit Hypo activity Disorder. it’s simply the loss of rational though and voluntary movement, replaced by stimulated aggression. Not only did the psychologists diagnose it, they did research on their brains and located they might have far more dead brain tissue in their conscious area of their brain. Another one among the various issues is that none of those make people want to eat people , although some make people aggressive. Although this is often a standard zombie characteristics, it’s not necessary for a zombie apocalypse or for a zombie as long as you allow changes. There are variety of alleged or mythical zombie diseases. 
Some have claims and old fairy tales of them, but haven’t yet been proven ;albeit one among them is real, it might be extremely rare. The foremost common one is supposedly of an equivalent family because the virus for vampires. The disease isn’t 100 percent confirmed, but is far and away the foremost likely of the bunch. And they need treated people for it within the past as well. In 1911, a vaccine was created. The virus supposedly worked as follows: The infection supposedly arrives via ticks on rats. Accordingly, the virus begins to act up in 1-2 hours. From now , the victim stays awake and sane for 3-6 hours. during this time, they experience flue-like symptoms. And this is often the last time during which the vaccine has full effective. The victim then falls into a coma. The coma lasts 4-6 hours. The vaccine can still be administered, but there’s apparently no guarantee it’ll work. The longer the victim has been within the coma, the less likely it will work. then they basically just rise up and do what zombies do. 
Another one among the alleged conditions is named Othrupillus Masmatus. Its supposed effects are slowing of movements and complete loss of control. This zombie disease (does not IMITATE zombies, it supposedly makes them) suggested by famed zombie apocalypse author Max Brooks is Solanum, it’s not proven but he had many alleged cases of it . People on the brink of Brooks even said it had been fictional, but since then Solanum has picked up momentum as a supposedly real virus . 
But with certain modifications from the normal zombie, and in most cases, it’s impossible to happen. Despite what some people will say, a zombie apocalypse is feasible . The above reasons could undoubtedly end in a zombie apocalypse. and therefore the worldwide famous Center for Disease Control even took the threat serious enough to release a zombie-preparedness guide and albeit most people still mock their decision to release the guide, the threat must be viable enough for them to commit the resources towards it . No they aren’t. Don’t believe what people say about 2012, zombie apocalypses, the top of the planet etc. Zombie ants exist, though, they wont go around biting people. They bite, but wont turn you into a zombie yourself, your brains got to be eaten. That wont happen though.

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