Can Moon be an Artificial Satellite Established By Aliens?

Back in the summer of 1969, Apollo 11 landed the first humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on the moon in a mission they called “one giant leap for mankind.” The moon serves a great purpose to Earth. According to Universe Today, since the moon is so big — over one-fourth the dimensions of earth — then close, its gravity features a dramatic impact on the way our world works. The force of the moon is so strong it can move our oceans, an act that we know as high and low tides.

Although the physical scientific exploration of our solar system is just beginning, theories, myths and legends about the never-ending night sky that surrounds our planet date back to the Mayans. From popular theories, just like the “Big Bang,” to ones that receive tons of criticism, just like the flat earth, and everything in between, our universe is nothing but mysterious, and humans most definitely do not have it all figured out. A theory that has been getting more attention is that the moon that peacefully shines within the night sky may very well be a man-made satellite that was put here by aliens. The first evidence that the moon might not be what we expect it’s came on Nov. 20, 1969. According to the History Channel, the Apollo 12 launch vehicle crashed into the moon and upon impact, the moon was recorded by a seismograph to have rung like a bell for nearly an hour. This was very unexpected and mystified scientists. This is evidence that concludes that the moon could also be hollow. The moon has tens of thousands of craters of various sizes covering the surface; however, all of the craters have the same depth. This suggests to scientists that there may be some sort of metallic barrier underneath the surface protecting it from damage. Taking this information to subsequent level, two scientists named Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov published a study called “Is The Moon The Creation Of Intelligence?” which hypothesized that the moon is really a man-made satellite put into orbit around Earth by some kind of alien intelligence. The Ancient Code calls the moon “one of the most enigmatic objects in our solar system.” Proof of those claims that the moon was actually artificially made include that the orbit of the moon round the earth is almost perfectly circular, which the moon itself donot rotate, raises the question about the hidden aspect of the moon. These two characteristics are not found in any other celestial body in our solar system. The moon is also known to contain a unique combination of metals. According to Ancient Code, it includes traces of metals that are not naturally occurring, such as brass. The amount of titanium that’s found on the moon is additionally 10 times what’s found on Earth. Scientists call this ratio “mind-blowing.” The mysteries of the moon and therefore the refore the universe are faraway from being solved and the possibilities of what lies beyond our earth’s atmosphere might not be discovered in our lifetime. The facts and theories that define the universe are malleable with every new thought, technological advancement and scientific discovery. It’s just a matter of what’s next.

The Moon is a Spaceship; A Secret Moon Base?In 1970, two Soviet stargazers had been contemplating the satellite and hypothesized that it was likely an empty moon set up by an exceptionally propelled extraterrestrial race. Their hypothesis depended on these detectable irregularities, asserting the Moon was a counterfeit shell that had been possessed inside for a considerable length of time.  While it may appear to be fantastical that we are being surveilled by an extraterrestrial race on the moon, or that an empty Moon may have been deliberately positioned in Earth’s circle as a mystery moon base, there are a plenty of strange realities about its relationship with Earth. Right up ’til today, there are a few hypotheses that endeavor to clarify how the Moon wound up circling our planet, however none have been completely acknowledged, persuading that the moon is a spaceship. 


 Without the moon circling definitely where it will be, it’s conceivable that life on Earth wouldn’t exist, or if nothing else wouldn’t have advanced to the point that it has. Indeed, it is evaluated that under 10 percent of every single earthbound planet known to mankind have an Earth to moon proportion like our own, which gives the steadiness that is important to keep up an atmosphere that can harbor life.  The size of the moon is with the end goal that it influences our hub tilt or the way that the Earth wobbles on its hub, changing by a solitary degree through the span of thousands of years. This transfer to one level of development is important for climatic solidness; without the moon’s parity, the Earth could tilt as much as 85 degrees at regular intervals or somewhere in the vicinity, causing radical changes.  This would change the direction of the Earth to the Sun so remarkably that the Sun would move to be arranged straightforwardly over the shafts instead of the equator where it right now is. Life couldn’t advance during such extreme movements.

Is the Moon Artificial?There are two different ways that planets normally obtain moons, through gradual addition or catch. The way toward catching a moon is much the same as it sounds, a moon will float into the circle of a planet and become caught in its gravitational field. During the time spent gradual addition, a moon is framed simultaneously as the planet from the growth circle of the close planetary system. In any case, this hypothesis has been broadly excused because of the distinctions in center arrangement and the way that the moon is right around a billion years more established than the Earth. Truth be told, the mineral creation of rocks found on the outside of the moon fluctuates radically from those found on Earth. The plenitude of titanium is one case of such an oddity, with certain lunar examples containing up to 10 percent of this valuable mineral; the most elevated wealth of titanium-rich minerals on Earth has never surpassed 1 percent. There are other prepared metals found on the moon like mica and metal, just as the nearness of radioactive components like Uranium-236 and Neptunium, none of which are found normally on Earth. These moon rocks brought over from the Apollo missions, introduced another amazement; they were charged. Researchers were perplexed, having recently expected that the moon never had an attractive field. The Earth’s attraction is believed to be the result of an inward dynamo, wherein the turning, convecting, and electrically directing fluid iron in the center creates the field. In any case, the moon wasn’t accepted to have a center huge enough to produce this kind of dynamo system.

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