Did Giants Really Existed in History?

Giants were always a subject of fascination in History. They were huge with mystical powers and had capabilities of creating a sense of daunting for people. There were stories were people out of extreme dread used to offer them food or even humans as sacrifice. But did they really exist?

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Science have an explanation for this human figures. And this could be a possibility due to the excessive growth hormones which abnormally increased their height. But there is one back lash to this theory. Due to excessive growth hormones a human can grow up to a height of 7.5 to 8 ft tall, but beyond that science can’t explain its physiology.
There are evidences of human skeleton excavated from different parts of world that were nearly 9 ft to 10 ft tall or sometimes upto 25 feet tall. Find some examples below.

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The Giants of Ecuador

In 2013, after overwhelming tempests in Ecuador, an enormous female skull was found in Aloha area. Researchers decided the skull was around 600 years of age. The revelation of the skull propelled a quest for the remainder of the skeleton, the pieces of which were found and gathered half a month later. The skeleton remained at 7ft 4″ tall, which was shocking, taking into account that the normal stature of a lady in those days was just 5ft 8″. 
Further examination lead to the revelation of 5 increasingly mammoth skeletons in a similar territory. The entirety of the skeletons were between 7–8 feet tall, and were covered in profound, expound graves. They were found at two separate destinations, driving researchers to finish up they were most likely from two unique clans. 
The remaining parts of an a lot bigger goliath were found in Ecuador in 1964. Father Carlos Vaca a minister, who worked with medical clinics, was called upon to look at some weird bones found in a bumpy zone. Vaca decided the bones were human, regardless of being unbelievably enormous. The bones were taken to Austrian antiquity specialist Klaus Dona, who permitted a few specialists to see the bones. They all reached a similar resolution: they all had a place with a human who likely would’ve been more than 25 feet tall. They likewise presumed that the bones were more than 10,000 years of age.

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 New York Giant

In 1871, an archeological burrow at a local American cemetery uncovered 200 goliath skeletons, some matching 9 ft tall. It was additionally assessed that the remaining parts could’ve been as long as 9,000 years of age. At that point, the revelation of these remaining parts was broadly detailed in the media; however today, the remaining parts have vanished.

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Giant Footprints

One of the most celebrated Giant Footprints was found outside Mpuluzi, South Africa. It was discovered 100 years prior by a tracker, and local people named it “the impression of God.” The print is 1.2 meters long, and if rest of the body was measured with respect to the foot, the monster that made it would remain between 24–27 ft tall. 
The impression is in stone (perhaps the hardest stone on Earth) and there are no etch marks around it, implying that whatever made the print must’ve stepped in the stone while it was as yet liquid. It is evaluated that the print could be somewhere in the range of 200 million — 3 billion years of age. On the off chance that the right age is at the upper finish of this scale, the print was made when as far as anyone knows the main life on Earth was microbial life. In any case, even at the lower end of the scale, it couldn’t have been made by any human predecessor we are aware of. 
Around the globe, there have been comparative impressions discovered installed in age-old stone. In San Hose, a 2.5 meter impression was found almost a nearby farm (whatever made it would have overshadowed even the monster from Mpuluzi); in a similar city, another 1.5 meter impression was found on a precipice. 
In August, 2016, in Guizhou, China, a progression of impressions was found, with each print about 2 feet in length, and indented almost 3cm into strong stone. Researchers have determined that whatever made the prints would need to be more than 13 feet tall.
In 1912, a 4 foot long print was uncovered in South Africa, that was dated at more than 200 million years of age. Whatever humanoid made the print would must have been more than 27 feet tall.

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