Why Do We need to Sleep? The Reason Is Crucial Than You Think


” I Can’t Sleep these Days” this phrase has become a customary problem in today’s fast paced life. Insomnia is an increasing problem and we have become convinced that sleep disorder as perhaps the most overlooked, ignored, underrated cause of health and performance problem in workplace. People has accepted it as a credence that less sleep for 4 hours to 6 hours is fine for us. Taking short naps refreshes mind. 
Research suggest that a human body requires at least 8 hours of sleep for a good health.


Reason For Sleep Deprivation

We are leaving in a competitive world. If we are working or doing bussiness;  we have  a never ending desire of acquisitiveness for money, power and position. In our social life we keep on comparing our lives with others. We try to take up more roles than actually we have capability to handle. We burdened ourselves in relationship and responsibilities. Many have taken it as a trend not to sleep at night and spend that time watching TV or partying as a lifestyle trend.We take much more financial burdens than our capacity. This in turn leads to stress, anxiety and depression resulting in less sleep.
In short, lack of sleep is brought about by steady absence of rest or diminished quality of sleep.

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Getting under 7 hours of rest all the time can in the long run lead damage to your body and mind.

Insufficient Sleep

Why Sleep is Important?

Importance Of Sleep

While we are awake a toxic junk called beta- amyloid is produced. Too much accumulation of this product leads to Alzheimer’s disease. Your body needs rest, similarly as it needs air and food to work at its best. During rest, your body heals itself and reestablishes its metabolism and hormonal functions. Your brain restores it ability to function well.
Without enough rest, your cerebrum and body frameworks won’t work regularly. It can likewise significantly bring down your emotional state. Thus less sleep leads your brain exhausted. Impulsive behavior, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts are the consequences of less sleep. One deprived of sleep can fall asleep unknowingly called Micro sleeps. These Microsleeps can be extremely dangerous leading to accident.

Less Sleep can aggravate chronic lung illness. The two hormones that direct whether we are hungry or full, leptin and ghrelin, have been seen to flare the other way when we are denied of rest. This definitely prompts an expansion in hunger, however surprisingly more terrible, it drives our bodies to pine for undesirable and stuffing nourishments such as calorie driven junk food and less greens. Truth be told, individuals who run on four to five hours of rest for every night, will in general eat 200 to 300 additional calories for every day. 

Problems of Sleep Disorder: sleep apnea.org

For men, rest is a significant controller of hormones, most prominently testosterone. Restless guys can have a similar virility and quality of a man 10 years their senior. For ladies, an absence of rest can prompt an essentially expanded danger of malignant breast cancer and unregulated immune hormones.
Due to less sleep our immune system get majorly impacted. The immune cells decrease by 70 % therefore we become prone to infections and chances of cancer increases. 
Different Ways To Treat Sleep Disorder

Types of Sleep Disorder

Prevention for Sleep Disorder

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