Spirituality Can Help Dealing With Stress

Fearless Soul

 I am never in control of what happens around me, but i am always in control of what happens within me. 

Quite often Spirituality is perplexed with Religious in context to Religion and the rituals. But both the terms are noteworthy different from each other.

Religion is defined with set of rituals to follow in a righteous manner to worship the supreme power God. While Spirituality is a connection or bondage of ones body with inner soul. This soul is considered higher power like God or a transcendental reality greater than oneself. A Spiritual person might not be religious or vice versa a religious individual might not be spiritual.

Today we are leading a life which is nimble. We are always in a hustle to just finish our work, without being able to take a spur of moment to think about our mental and spiritual wellbeing. Stress is increasing in our lives because our circumstances and day to day situation which is taking a notch over our mind and soul. We are leaving with a mindset that whatever is going on in our lives, ” we are one responsible and we can control it”.

Spirituality Can Decrease Stress From Life

Fearless Soul

There is nothing more important than this moment.

A quite moment in a full day can rejuvenate your brain. Spending some time alone praying, meditating, appreciating the world and being in the lap of nature. Cherishing its beauty. Can make you feel treasured for being a part of this beautiful world.

Fearless Soul

Let your faith be bigger than your fears, have faith success will be near.

Once we have faith in bigger power of soul. We won’t keep blaming ourselves what ever is happening in our lives. We take everything whether good or bad in positive aspect. This in turn decrease stress

Fearless Soul

No dream is too big, when you understand ABUNDANCE is your birthright. 

At the point when those unavoidable positive and negative occasions occur, otherworldly practice can assist us with searching for an approach to consider those occasions in a significant manner. Asking “What would i be able to learn?” or “How might I become more grounded?” rather than asking “Why me?” when something awful happens can serve to diminish negative pressure sentiments fuel productive conduct. So also, feeling thankful when beneficial things happen can assist with prodding us to “spread the riches” and practice philanthropic acts toward others.

Eckhart Tolle

Always say YES to the present moment. Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life and see how life starts suddenly working for you rather than against you. 

If we feel we are connected to a greater power and surrender ourselves to the greater being. Then we would realize that our circumstances and situation are not in our control. We have only right about our action. Even remaining interactive with people and groups can reduce stress.

Eliminate everything that doesn’t help you evolve. Take time to do what makes your soul happy

Fearless Soul

With difficult situation we face in our lives make us feel depressed. But Spirituality make us believe in our ability. We are able to analyze things at a bigger picture. Therefore we don’t get stressed with adverse situation.

Spirituality can imbibe skill in oneself to solve bigger problems, remain focused in your goals and values. Day to day unpleasant situation and stress won’t let your mind bewildered.

Reading good books, prayer, meditation and sharing thoughts can also release stress.

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