Unrevealing The Truth of Mayan Civilization Connection With Extraterrestrial

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Who Were Mayans?

The Mayan Civilization flourished from 16th Century AD and declined by 19th Century AD. The time they flourished they occupied tropical low lands what is now known as Guatemala. They astonished the entire world with their knowledge of Mathematics, science, Craftmanship, engineering and architecture.

” When ever they were asked from where did they got this overwhelming knowledge?” THEY ANSWERED

Our Alien Gods taught us… We have connection with Extraterrestrial

Their decline remained mysterious some research suggest constant war,un controlled population, natural calamity, shifting trade routes and extended drought. It’s likely that a complex combination of factors was behind the collapse.

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Mayan Civilization And Their Alien Gods

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There were a few names for a feathered snake like god in the Mayan pantheon who slipped from the sky and showed these old individuals space science, design, and development, in addition to other things. Known as Quetzalcoatl in the Nahuatl language, or Kukulkan in Mayan, this element was exceptionally adored and, upon his flight, told the Mayans that he would one day come back to Earth.

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Did the Mayans Have Contact with Aliens?

There keep on being mystifying disclosures made in regards to the old Mayans that move interest and fuel the possibility that they may have been visited by old outsider divine beings. The pyramids at Tikal are another oddity that adds to the interest, as in they are 40 kilometers from a waterway. Commonly, antiquated civic establishments would assemble urban communities on or almost an enormous water source, in any case, Tikal conceivably facilitated near 100,000 residents without one. The residents would have assembled water from precipitation and put away it in repositories for use, however for what reason would they make a special effort to manufacture a monstrous city in such a badly designed area?

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One of the glyphs on a ventured pyramid where an engraving claims that it was where the ancient devine extraterrastrials visited from the sky. These pyramids were stunningly worked all through the Mayan realm, with 60 of them found at Tikal alone. The more notable Mayan pyramids, including the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon are found at Teotihuacan. These pyramids line up with the three stars in the belt of the heavenly body Orion, much the same as the pyramids at Giza.


The pyramids were additionally worked with a layer of Mica, a mineral not discovered anyplace in Central America. Mica would have needed to been imported somewhere in the range of 2,000 – 3,000 miles away, from current Brazil, without the advantage of wheels or any other form of transport. Mica is profoundly conductive and is utilized for capacitors and other electrical means in our advanced innovation of current period. This adds a surprise element to our ancient astronaut theory. Did Aliens help the Mayans transport this conductive material to the pyramids for electrical purposes?

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Another important discovery made was presence of mercury below the temple of Teotihuscan. For historians its a fascination that such shiny, toxic substance like mercury could have provided as source of fuel for ancient Alien Gods. Just like Mica, mercury can be used for electrical purpose.

Whether this mercury was used for ceremonies or for advanced technology is a big question in today’s time.

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Theory By Ancient Astronaut on Alien Gods of Mayan

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