Decoding The Mystery of Lost Technology Of Egypt. A New Insight on How Pyramids Were Built?


The Pyramid Of Giza was built around 4000 years ago during bronze Age. Such massive structure was built by several granite blocks cut by wooden wedges. This has turned eye balls of Archeologist and scientist finding answers to the mag na opus engineering those ancient people have put forth. How did they carry those 20 to 80 tones of those massive blocks to built this astonishing structures. DEFINITELY THIS IS EXTREME ENGINEERING.

1. Why Pyramids were Built?

Pyramids were built for religious purposes. The Egyptians were one of the first civilizations to believe an afterlife. They believed that a second self called the ka( soul) lived within every one . When the physical body expired, the ka( soul) enjoyed eternal life . Those fortunate enough to pass the test of Osiris wanted to be comfortable in their lives beyond earth. the great Pyramids were simply grand tombs of powerful pharaohs.

Three pyramids were built at Giza, and much of smaller pyramids were constructed around the Nile Valley. The tallest of the great Pyramids reaches nearly 500 feet into the sky and spans an area greater than 13 acres. the great Sphinx was sculpted nearby to face watch the pyramids. It stands 65 feet tall and consists of an individual’s head atop the body of a lion.

Many believe that the Sphinx was a portrait of King Chefren (Khafret), who was placed within the center Pyramid. The lion symbolized immortality.

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Pyramids Carry The Legacy Of Tombs

Egyptians who ranked high in status often wanted to require their most prized possessions with them in death, therefore the ka could enjoy them in its next life. Gold, silver, and bronze artifacts were loaded into the interiors of the good tombs. Fine linens and artwork adorned the key chambers.

In the youth , dead nobles were often interned with their living slaves and animals. Because this practice eventually proved too costly, artists instead depicted scenes of act on the within walls. Some pyramids were even equipped with a toilet for the pharaoh.

Great precautions were taken to guard the tombs from looters. Egyptians believed that a defiler of a pharaoh’s resting place would be cursed for eternity. the doorway to the inner chambers was carefully hidden. The pharaoh’s mummy was placed during a huge coffin called a sarcophagus, which was made from the toughest known stone blocks. But despite such warnings and precautions, tombs were raided over the years by grave robbers.

The pyramids, however, have stood the test of your time . Although their outer limestone layers have long ago been stripped or passed into dust, the pyramids still stand. About 80 dot the horizons of recent Egypt. they continue to be as time capsules cast forward by a once-great civilization.

If We Defy The Ancient Astronaut Theory or Conspiracy Theory That Pyramids Were Built By Aliens. Then How Did Ancient Egyptian Moved The Massive Stones Across the Dessert?

One explanation that solved the mystery was given by physicist from University Of Amsterdam. The Ancient Egyptian used to wet the sand to glide the massive stones over it. The wet sand reduced friction and helped to transport the massive stone blocks from one location to other.

This experiment was conducted in university of Amsterdam. A large pile of sand accumulates in front of the sled when it is pulled over dry sand (left). On the wet sand (right) this does not happen. (Image credit: Daniel Bonn/University of Amsterdam)
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Next Question Comes how Did They Lifted The Stones To Such Great Height?

The First Theory Suggest The Use of Ramp System. 

Which are generally a inclined staircase with holes. That made the job of climbing stones earlier. This study was suggested by University of Liverpool. But there is no concrete evidence that this was the only procedure used.
Source image BBC
Scientists believe pyramid builders used a modified ramp that made hauling enormous rocks easier. Source image: The Sun
Now let's come to the SECOND THEORY that suggest that PYRAMIDS WERE BUILT INSIDE OUT

In a recent study a Newport Engineer defying the concept of using ramp system for building of pyramids. He suggest ramps would have to have been a fourth of a mile long or probably they would have been too steep to even think about carrying the huge blocks of stone up.

He accepts, all things considered, that the Egyptians assembled an inward center of crisscrossing ramps, utilizing more modest, lighter blocks of stones; while the bigger external packaging stones were put outwardly utilizing framework.

Source Image Daily mail
Inner chambers. Source image Pinterest

Lastly, The pyramids are a designing wonder that has been built impeccably to the perfection. It is to be sure very consistent to expand at the marvel with amazement. Indeed, even the sections and the internal chambers were so complicatedly planned to deceive the burglars and desert thieves. With all the mechical and advanced engineering we have today, some state it is practically difficult to develop a structure that can coordinate the pyramids in our age.


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