Mystery 17th Century Practice Of Growing Money On Tree Prelevant in Scotland.

Growing money on tree definitely a very trivial Proverb but its was a 17th century practice in Scotland.

A money tree was found with copper and silver coins hammered into the bark near Ingleton, North Yorkshire

As you come across the Scottish highlands you could find tree or barks of timber trees embed with coins of silver and copper. It almost looked like a treasure or the tress have grown these coins.

Source image: Pinterest

But question comes why these coins were hammered into the trees?

This story dates back to 1700 in Britain, there was a tree present in Scotland which had a florin stuck to it. According to legend it was believed that any sick individual if places a coin inside the bark would get healed. While if anyone trys to pull the implanted coins would become sick.

Another reason people placed coins to the trunks to bring good luck for their travel and please deities, which they believe used to reside inside the trees.

Source image: Pinterest
Source image: Pinterest
Trees are believed to be symbol of good luck as deities were thought to reside in them

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