Mysterious Stonehenge Like Structure Found Below The Michigan Lake

Rocks or the stone structures found in Lake Michigan resemble like a miniature Stonehenge.

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In 2007, while looking for remains of a ship wreak, researchers found a stone structure at a profundity of 12 meters in Lake Michigan (USA). The disclosure was made by Marc Holly, teacher of under water archeology at the Northwestern University of Michigan, and his college Brian Abbott.

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They accept that this structure, like Stonehenge, is around 9000 years old structure, yet strangely, on one of the stones there is cutting as mastodon, which vanished over 10,000 years back.

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Michigan is a beautiful freshwater lake in the United States, one of the North American Great Lakes. But from the point of view of hydrography, Michigan and Huron form a single and sole system, but geographically they are considered to be separate lakes.

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