Scotland’S First IRON AGE ‘ LOCH VILLAGE’ Discovered.


The stunning remains of an Iron Age ‘loch village’ have been recently discovered in south west Scotland.

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During a limited scale unearthing a crannog in the now-infilled Black Loch of Myrton, archeologists found remains of settlement of seven houses.

Multiple structures were found that are believed to form a village. It appeared before excavation to be one of a massive stone hearth complex at the centre of a roundhouse.

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The wood or timber structure of the house has been safeguarded, which was radiating through its foundation.

The town, which covers a region 60m in measurement, is the first of its kind to be found in Scotland.

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The site has been radiocarbon dated to two phases. One in the middle of the first millennium BC, somewhere around 5th century BC, and the other in the last two centuries BC.

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