Decoding The Mystery Of World’s Oldest Single Rock Carving; The Mystic Kailash Temple.


The Kailash Temple in the Elora, Aurangabad and Maharashtra caves are attractive attractions for tourists from all over the world. This temple was built in 760 AD by King Krishna I of the last Rastrakuta dynasty and has several mysterious facts regarding its construction. Here are some of the most interesting and mysterious facts about the Kailash Temple. It is cave 16 in the Ellora Caves.

When found, it was completely covered in white plaster and resembled Mount Kailash. Therefore, this shrine was named “Kailash Temple” and was dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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Carved Out Of A Single Rock Mountain

This temple is a megalith completely carved out of single mountain stone. This was not done by adding stone blocks. This is the only temple in the world that sculptors have excavated starting from the top of the mountain. 

All other stone structures in the rest of the world are created by carving stones or mountains in front of them and sculpting them while walking. This is a common method of building structures from rocks or mountains. Although this technique is known as “cutting”, the Kailash Temple is the only shrine built using the opposite “cutting” technique called Rock Cut Out.

The pillar was built by hauling out tons of rocks from the side.

Historians and archaeologists estimate that 400,000 tons of stone have been removed from the site where this temple is being built. No one has ever found or seen such a large number of heavy stones in this place or around it. Where do you use it or throw it away? Still an unanswered question?

What Is The Exact Date It Was Created And How many Years It Took To Complete

The actual date of the construction of the temple is unknown. Although the rock is known to be about 6,000 years old, it is still a mystery when it was carved into the temple. In about 150 years, more than 7,000 works were carved in the Kailash temple. The amount of work involved in completing each task is immense and to this day is unmatched.

However recently, historians have confirmed that it was built within the past 18 years. That year, 400,000 tons of stone were removed using common tools such as hammers and swords, and the temple was completed with intricate and intricate carvings in just 18 years.

Calculation Of The Completion Of Work…

… The massive rocks were used to build beautiful temples using the latest technology and intricate carvings, removing 400,000 tons of stone in 18 years. Let’s say 7,000 workers worked 12 hours a day without interruption, working with robots for 18 years. If you need to remove 400,000 tons of rock in 18 years, the goal for one year is to remove 22,222 tons per year. 400,000 tons / 18 years = 22,222 tons per year, i.e. 60 tons per day, 5 tons per hour 22 222 tons / 365 days = 60 tons per day 60 tons / 12 hours = 5 tons per hour And this is to reduce the scale and time required for design. , Plans and pieces. Thousands of years ago, how were these workers able to sculpt this temple using only hammers, chisels and pullers? Impossible!

Intricate Architecture

It is created by cutting a mountain that runs from top to bottom. Every design and measurement is planned with the utmost care because once cut there is no way to change it by adding additional stones or pieces of stone. This whole temple is just one stone. There are no small stones attached separately for any design or support. Now can you imagine how they managed to build bridges, shaped balconies, terraced stairs, underground tunnels, drainage systems, and water collection systems? Extraordinary !!! Law?

* It has the largest cantilevered rock ceiling in the world. Source image:
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Unique Drilling Technology

The unique way the sculptors drill holes is one of the biggest secrets of all. The hole indicates that someone very small drilled it because you couldn’t go in and drill. The multitude of shafts, narrow aisles, and holes makes you wonder if they used something like a advance technology to do their job.

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The construction of kailash temple involved multiple tradition like Hindu, Buddhist and Jain. It was blessed by sages and followed vedic tradition.

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Muslim Invasion Could Not destroy The Temple

In 1682, the Muslim ruler Aurangzeb employed 1,000 workers for three years to completely destroy the temple.

Even with constant effort, the workers were unable to destroy the temple. They can only break and break some wood carvings. Finally Aurangzeb gave up and left the temple as is.

People can’t even destroy this temple. Was this indestructible structure made by humans?

Does a Civilization ever existed inside these caves

Some researchers claim that under this cave there is a huge underground civilization.

There are very deep tunnels and narrow passageways in Ellora Caves. They can be seen from the outside, but after about 10 feet they become too narrow to enter. The caveman informs that there are many tunnels and that access to many of them is currently restricted. You can see the bars and complete the entrance to the cave with a tunnel like that.

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What is the purpose of such narrow tunnels and passages? This narrow section was built properly for a specific purpose. If people cannot even enter this passage, how do they do it and for what purpose? Could there be a hidden underground city? Are they all made up of tiny humanoids?

There are holes and vents at the base of all caves. No one could find the real cause of these holes. Are they designed to circulate air in an underground city?

All these murals and carvings show the existence of small underground and humanoid civilizations. Carvings on the walls show large images of gods and goddesses, and there are small humanoids and animals under the plains.

Historians confirm that Cave No. 16 is the oldest building among all the caves at Ellora. Even so, the architect and design of this temple were way ahead of other Ellora caves.

Kailasa Temple is the only building visible from the air. Due to its circular design and the statue of four lions on the terrace, the view of Kailasa Temple shows a large “X” sign. Is this a signal for aliens to pay attention to the place?

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