Ancient Advanced Technology: Structure Of Puma Punku

Puma Punku is a place where you lose your understanding of time and space.  It is believed to date to AD 536 and later. This temple complex near Tiwanaku in Bolivia is one of the most stunning ancient ruins in South America.

Perhaps the greatest puzzle related to my punku puma is how early mankind managed to move this giant block of stone from the quarry within 10 to 100 km. How did they come up with such a precise cut and how did they place the blocks so perfectly? Today, engineers and designers around the world cannot answer or repeat these achievements of ancient mankind thousands of years ago. Scientists are unable to conclude and answer how these amazing stone blocks were transported. Some believe that this was accomplished by the great labor of ancient Tiwanaku. Various theories have been put forward about how this labor force moved stone from the quarries to the Puma Punku, but these theories remain speculative.

Another puzzling puzzle at Puma Punku is wall mounting. Each stone is cut finely to cover the surrounding stones and the blocks stick together like a puzzle, forming structural joints without the use of mortar. Precision challenges today’s technical skills.

The answers to these and other puzzles can be solved by different approaches and different ways of thinking.

When you look at the Puma Punku image, you will see its bewildering perfection. You will see elegance in every construction in Puma Punku, but most importantly you will see mysterious models that can explain how the old man achieved it all. that was thousands of years ago.

Source image: Pinterest

This image is one of the best examples of the advanced technology in Puma Punku. We saw blocks of andesite, a very difficult material to work with. Can anyone explain how ancient mankind arranged such perfection, grace and precision? We believe this is one of the best examples of powerful tools that were given to parents thousands of years ago.

Source image: ancient code

You can see small holes that are placed with such perfection apart that it is difficult to believe that primitive man achieved this with sticks and stones or any primitive tool.

Source image: ancient code

Block H. is a trademark of Puma Punku and perhaps one of the best examples of lost technology. The perfection in these blocks is simply amazing. It is hard to believe that early humans managed to transport and assemble these stone blocks, which were so perfect, without the use of technology. Not everything can be achieved by force.

What do you think? Could it be that the ancient builders Puma Punku and Tiahuanaco had access to modern technology lost in history? The forgotten and overlooked part of history that seemed insignificant to great scientists?

Source image Pinterest
Source image Pinterest
Source image Pinterest

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