Unrevealing The Mystery of 12000 Year Old Massive Tunnel: Advanced Technology Used By Ancient Builders


Were ancient cultures interconnected thousands of years ago?

With thousands of underground tunnels stretching from northern Scotland to the Mediterranean, the answer is definitely yes. The reason for this complex tunnel is still a mystery, but many experts believe that this vast 12,000-year-old network was built 12,000 years ago to protect against predators and other hazards. Some experts believe that this mysterious tunnel was used as a modern highway, allowing people to cross it and connect with remote areas across Europe.

In the book “The Secret of the Underground Door To An Ancient World;  the German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kusch says that evidence of large underground tunnels has been found in dozens of Neolithic settlements throughout continental Europe. These large tunnels are often referred to as the old highways. According to Dr. Kush notes that most of these tunnels are still in existence, 12,000 years later, and they must be complex and massive. “There are thousands of them all over Europe.” “We found hundreds of meters of underground tunnels in Germany. We found hundreds of underground tunnels in Austria. These underground tunnels can be found all over Europe, and there are thousands of them, ”said the German archaeologist.

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Some tunnels are relatively small (some are more than 1 meter wide), but in others, basements and storage rooms have been found. The opening of this tunnel reveals a special ancient technology, far from what the history books tell us about today. Ten thousand years ago, ancient people possessed the knowledge and tools to build complex structures. Proof of this is the Bosnian pyramids in Europe and the amazing underground tunnels that stretch for miles. Dr Kush “There are thousands of tunnels all over Europe, from northern Scotland to the Mediterranean. They are scattered in corners, scattered in larger places, there are recreation areas or storage areas and rooms. Not all are connected, but, ”Kush said. In general, it is a network. It’s a very big underground. “

Cappadocia in Turkey is another amazing example. The underground city of Derinkuyu once again proves the perfection of long-lost ancestors and how they were built. The underground city of Derinkuyu, along with a huge network of tunnels, was perhaps one of the greatest achievements in underground construction. The geological features of the Derinkuyu rock are of great importance. It’s very soft. As a result, Derinkuyu’s ancient builders had to be very careful when building this dungeon, providing a staircase strong enough to support the upper floors. If this is not done, the city will collapse, but archaeologists have not yet found evidence of a “cave” in Derinkuyu.

Other ancient sites, such as Gobekli Tepe, are more convincing evidence of the incredible skills and knowledge of people who lived on Earth 10,000 years ago.

According to Dr Kusch, churches were often built at the entrances to the underground tunnels because tunnels were considered as secret they leads to the underworld. Infact in some tunnels ancient inscriptionons were found that speaks a lot about these ancient builders.

Source image: Daily mail

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