For roughly fifteen years or longer, a strange creature has been sighted in various parts of the world. This creature sucks the blood from livestock, particularly goats, if the stories are to be believed. The beast only appears at night and seems to vanish after it attacks. The only evidence […]

This week, scientists made two interesting discoveries — first, that the Earth’s earliest continents rose out of the ocean 700 million years earlier than they believed; second, the first land to rise above the ocean about 3.2 billion years ago is in India. Published this Monday in Proceedings of the National […]

An Egyptian mummy embalmed with advanced techniques is believed to be much older than first thought. The discovery implies such mummification skills were used 1,000 years earlier than formerly thought. Experts say the discovery could upend the “understanding of the evolution of mummification.” A new analysis of an ancient Egyptian […]