The Theory of existence of Aliens is always a debatable subject. Some research evidenced the presence of Aliens from Archeological remnants and from finding signs of UFO. While others completely discard the theory suggesting that the abnormal mummies found were simply abnormalility found in humans. Whatever we might conclude the […]

From demons and fairies to UFOs and Bigfoot, tales of the unexplained have been a part of humanity’s story since the beginning. Ancient alien theorists will check out the Bible and chalk up every bizarre event to aliens, while a spiritual scholar may check out contemporary alien abductions as manifestations […]


Zombies do exist on scientific terms but not on technical terms.   Explanation of scientific possibilities: There are myriad possibilities for zombie-like things to exist. Not all of them are traditional zombies.   One such example is brain parasite, which currently doesn’t not manifested in humans. It parasites on rats. […]