An Egyptian mummy embalmed with advanced techniques is believed to be much older than first thought. The discovery implies such mummification skills were used 1,000 years earlier than formerly thought. Experts say the discovery could upend the “understanding of the evolution of mummification.” A new analysis of an ancient Egyptian […]


The Theopetra Cave, are just 5 km from Meteora, is one of the most important prehistoric archaeological sites in Greece! Over the past decades, it has made many prehistoric discoveries in various prehistoric times. Porcelain stoneware, burials, animal remains, ancient man-made structures and much more! This unique cave has a […]


This post examines the chemistry of vitrificationto determine if there is a link between the vitrified stones that are found in Iron Age Scottish hillforts and in the ancient megalithicstone work of South America.The vitrified stones in the walls of the hillfortsin Scotland appear haphazard and look likethey were the […]